Optimize profitability and reduce CUI related costs

Reduce costs related to CUI monitoring and maintenance to boost your profitability.

CirruSense is an IIoT platform to help optimize maintenance plans and reduce your expenses related to CUI. By localizing all water intrusions with high accuracy, CirruSense allows you to focus rehabilitation only on areas of piping that has been exposed to water.

Get the insights you need to boost profitability

By using smart IIoT sensors from Trisense to fuel CirruSense’s algorithms, you receive insights that make it is easy to prioritize maintenance efforts and reduce costs.

  • Continuous monitoring of actual wetting conditions
  • Measurements enriched with weather data User friendly dashboards
  • Actionable insights

Four-fold value creation

CirruSense can create value for your business in four different areas that all help your business grow into a more future proofed operation.

  • Mitigate risk of incidents
  • Reduce your CO2 footprint
  • Optimize profitability and reduce CUI related costs
  • Become more energy efficient

Powered by state of the art sensor technology

Our CUI sensors are mounted through the cladding of insulated piping to detect water at or in the vicinity of the sensor. Using cellular technology, the measurements are transferred to the CirruSense platform where it gets structured, enriched and presented in our web-based dashboard to provide an instant overview of your entire plant, with the ability to drill down into the details. The whole CirruSense solution is acquirable as a subscription service.

Fusion 310 - The smart RH/T sensor

  • Temperature, RH, surface wetting
  • Cellular connectivity without gateways
  • Quick sensor installation with NFC
  • 15+ years of battery life
  • Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga -40°C≤Ta≤+80°C

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