Reduce your CUI waste

Move to data driven decisions, increase your plant's technical integrity and become a more sustainable business with CirruSense – predictive CUI monitoring as a service.

Environmentally friendly

Saves 40-70% of the carbon footprint related to insulation of pipes in process plants.

Non-disruptive installation

Patented, easy installation and fixture of sensors that don't require a halt in production.

Increased integrity

Document unaffected areas and detect new water intrusions.

Conventional CUI maintenance in numbers

Annual cost to the economy
Catastrophic CUI incidents past two decades
False positives

The World’s First Proven
IIoT CUI Sensor System

Since Trisense was founded in 2018, we have developed Ex-area certified sensors and cloud solutions for the process industry. The common goals for these solutions are to eliminate waste, improve safety and reduce costs. Using the latest NB-IoT/LTE-M 4G/5G technology, our solutions do not require any local gateways to achieve real-time cloud synchronization. All Trisense solutions are offered on a cost effective Monitoring-as-a-Service subscription based model, making it easier than ever to reclaim control of your CUI expenses.

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