A greener mission investment

Invest in a safer, greener and more profitable process industry.


Who we are

Trisense is a privately owned technology company applying its smart sensor technology in making the process industry safer, greener and more profitable by reducing waste from inspections.

In 2018, the Norwegian investment fund Sarsia Seed and other investors joined as owners to participate in the industrialization phase of the company. Trisense has now completed pilots with several Oil & Gas companies, proving the technology.

Our business idea

As much as 70% of all piping is unnecessarily renovated every year generating tons of waste. Our Monitoring-as-a-Service (M-a-a-S) concept provides our customers with guidance in where to look for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and where it is not necessary to inspect. This reduces not only waste and a high carbon footprint from production and regeneration of new materials but also the associated transport of materials.

Our simple to install M-a-a-S system is using the pre-existing 4G/5G network to transmit data securely to our CirruSense cloud system, i.e. does not need any additional local infrastructure. This simplifies local onboarding and saves investment costs for our customers. 

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Don't miss out on a great investment opportunity

Are you interested in joining us on our mission to provide industrial companies with control of their plant's real condition through wireless and cloud-based monitoring solutions? If you are ready to invest in a safer, greener and more profitable process industry, we are interested in hearing from you. Feel free to request our investor presentation, and please do get in touch with us.