Fusion 310 CUI Sensor

Fusion 310 CUI Sensor

Trisense Fusion 310 is a smart sensor designed to measure relative humidity, temperature and water presence inside insulation of cladded piping. Being the first of its kind, Fusion 310 is a long-life, non-intrusive IIoT sensor with one goal in mind: reduce your costs related to CUI monitoring and maintenance.

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Designed to solve the trillion dollar challenge

A single oil & gas refinery in Norway spends $180M annually on maintenance. Corrosion related issues account for more than 70% of that. On a global scale, the annual cost of corrosion is in the trillions of dollars.

The current approach to monitoring CUI is long outdated. Even with a risk based inspection approach, too much comes down to assumptions and sheer chance. The costs of when these assumptions turn out wrong are at best a massive financial cost to the operation. At worst, the costs can be catastrophic - both financially and environmentally.

Predict CUI with Fusion 310

Our RH/T smart sensor, the Fusion 310, has been purpose built to combat these issues. To develop this, we have worked closely with leading companies in the process industry. Through this collaboration, the Fusion 310 sensor was developed to solve the biggest challenges that come with CUI monitoring in the industry.

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Measure several parameters to evaluate and predict CUI

The Fusion 310 is a relative humidity, temperature and water presence sensor. Measuring all these parameters has allowed us to build an elaborate algorithm to predict and assess risk of CUI in insulated piping. These parameters also allow us to keep developing our model in the future, based on data and findings, to enable data modeled features in the future.

Save up to 60% compared with your current CUI management budget

Fully deploying CirruSense and Fusion 310 to improve your current, RBI CUI management solution can help you save up to 60%. This cost saving only includes the average cost of unnecessary refurbishment, not the related cost to a potential catastrophic incident. If such a scenario was to be included, the cost saving would be much bigger.

Install and expand your sensors without disrupting production

Fusion 310 is ready to use straight out of the box. That is because we understand how even minor disruptions to production are nearly impossible to facilitate. Therefore the installation of the Fusion 310 sensor has been made as easy as possible – both from a technical and mechanical standpoint.

Mechanically, no cladding needs to be dismantled for the sensor to be installed using the patented self-drilling installation mechanism. Technically, the connection of the sensor to the cloud platform is done using technology we have already implemented in our daily lives: Both NFC and QR Code pairing is available, and it only takes seconds to connect each sensor to the cloud.

Direct cloud connection via 4G/5G eliminates the need for external gateways

All of the data gathered by the Fusion 310 sensor is transferred to our cloud platform CirruSense. The data transfer is facilitated via a NB-IoT/LTE-M cellular connection. By partnering with some of the biggest carriers in the world, we are able to ensure exceptional 24/7 connectivity without the use of external gateways.

Self diagnostic, minimal maintenance and 15 years of battery life

The Fusion 310 sensor supports self-diagnostics by transmitting battery health status, connectivity quality and other metrics. In the event of a sensor momentarily losing connection, each sensor is equipped with internal memory to allow for local data storage until the sensor is reconnected to the cloud. It also supports remote parameter configuration and firmware upgrades.