Predict CUI

With CirruSense by Trisense – a complete, cloud-based monitoring system for process plants, you can easily complement your risk mitigation efforts with data driven CUI prediction.

Purpose built for the process industry – to predict CUI

CirruSense is purpose built for the process industry to give you all the information you need in one place, with access from virtually anywhere in the world. This complete ecosystem for gathering, structuring, analyzing and visualizing data from your plant enables predictive monitoring of high-risk factors such as corrosion under insulation (CUI).

In order for you to have a 24/7 overview of your plant’s status, CirruSense has been developed to be your go-to dashboard for monitoring all sensors in one place. There is no limit on how many sensors you can connect. You can even monitor multiple plants in the same ecosystem. The days of fragmented, tedious reporting are long gone.

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No upfront costs – with MaaS

As a complete OPEX solution, CirruSense requires no upfront investment. CirruSense is built as a Monitoring-as-a-Service software. This means that the cost of the software, and its sensors, is calculated based on the amount of data and insights you receive. We believe that a subscription service like this makes it easier to both acquire and scale your sensor solution.

Easy installation

Just as CirruSense is easy to acquire with no CAPEX costs, it's also easy to install with its non-disruptive installation process: All sensors are paired with CirruSense using either NFC or by scanning the QR code on the sensor. Should neither of these options be available to you, serial number pairing is also possible.

IoT cloud connectivity

All sensor data captured by sensors on the plant is communicated to CirruSense wirelessly via 4G/5G’s low power LTE-M or NB-IoT solutions. The use of cellular IoT communication eliminates the need for local gateways, allowing you to invest in state of the art monitoring without the typical challenges associated with integrating sensors with the process control system.

Access data anywhere, anytime

CirruSense is a fully cloud-based system that can be accessed and managed from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. By being accessible from virtually any device with a browser and internet connection, it provides a full overview of your operation’s status at your fingertips – 24/7.

Select data presentation

CirruSense comes with a range of data output options. Most users will prefer our quick and user friendly, out-of-the-box overview of various sectors and their assets. For more complex use cases, the data is also available for export in various formats, enabling advanced analysis and even sharing the data with third party platforms.

Customize alerts

We understand that every operation is unique. Therefore, we have implemented a fully customizable alert system which allows you to define which events and circumstances should trigger an alert, and to whom a notification should be sent for a timely resolution.

We know that you are dedicated

And that you make an effort, every single day, to increase your plant's technical integrity and to combat challenges such as the trillion dollar CUI-problem. We also believe that you, like the rest of the industry, are continuously looking for new ways to reduce your plant's environmental footprint.

We hear you. And we are happy to make the transition into a smarter, more sustainable way of running your operation slightly easier. Why solve your plant's day-to-day challenges by applying more budget and more manpower when you can utilize proven in use technology that is built for purpose?