Sensor for Manual Valves – Fusion 200 series


Introduction to Fusion 200/205

The sensor provides exact opening position of the mechanical valve plus timestamp when last operated.

  • The Wireless Valve Position Indicator (Fusion 200) fits to any type of manual operated valve, both multiturn and 0-90 degree valves.
  • The transmitter will log current and past valve position with date and time of position change. This saves time and cost, and avoids safety issues due to incorrect operations of manually operated valves.
  • The data will be transferred for a multitude of operating needs by means of Bluetooth 5 to a hub/gateway or collected by a Smart Phone
  • Fusion 200 has no moving parts and no mechanical units that opens for failures and maintenance. Onboard sophisticated microprocessors and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensors detects valve position and movement
  • The algorithm allows calibration of individual valves electronically at installation. (conducted from a Android App)