Trisense AS – About us

We formed the building blocks of Trisense AS in 2014 as part of the Sentec technology development. Trisense AS was established employing technology experts with decades of experience in development of low-power consuming sensors. Since then, we’ve added experts in communications, cloud solutions, production and sales and created a new IIoT sensor series to the process industry with a global market perspective. With Trisense AS, the process industry can truly realize the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things. The company demerged from Sentec AS in June 2018 and significant interest from the industry combined with our ambitions will secure global growth for the next decade.


Industry 4.0 promoted by Trisense applies the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology onto mechanical valves and junction boxes and turn them into smart devices by use of Smart Sensors. Trisense develops and supplies IIoT (Industrial IoT) sensors for different industries within Oil & Gas, Aqua Culture, Chemical-, Food- and Beverage processing industry. A new platform of IIoT sensors based on MEMS technology is being launched for the processing industry providing enhanced process information throughout the plant. Industry 4.0 implementation will provide users with added control and overview related to the plant operation. Additionally the technology adds to better Condition Monitoring of valves, actuators and junction boxes. Our dedication is providing our customers with products of high quality at reduced cost and with speed to market. Our core competencies are developing advanced wireless sensors communicating data long range either via a gateway to a network cloud or to an operators tablet device. Advanced algorithms within the sensors secures low energy consumption and aims at long life operation between 5 to 10 years operation without replacement.



We are a dedicated team of engineers having long experience within the fields of instrument and sensor development within the process industry. Our unique team composition and background enables us to combine particular knowledge into optimized solutions giving our customers a competitive advantage.


Manufacturing capabilities

The Trisense sensors are manufactured in advanced production lines dedicated to efficient and speedy manufacturing from small volume demand up to serial production in the million level. Trisense also provides industrialization support, warehousing and logistics for our customers. It is key for us to provide excellent service and support to our clients.